Keeping in mind the requirements of our customers, Tata Precision Tubes has designed host of services:


Customer value management (CVM)/Customer service team(CST):

Value management seeks to confirm viability of the project and improves its performance and outcome. From the initial design stage, coupled with global R&D and in-house production facility, our technical experts are continuously monitoring the developments of the products.

The Service involves

  • Capturing ideas across value chain
  • Tapping all internal resources to improve customer service
  • Assured timely implementation
  • Ensure operational excellence in service (compliance, hygiene issues, quality)

Apart from these, Tata Steel understands the present challenge of weight reduction in automotive components thus uses most optimized solutions at the right time for tube materials.

Early Vendor Involvement (EVI):

To ensure proper implementation of the project and maintaining the quality across value chain using advance technologies like hydroforming, our automobiles technical experts along with a cross functional teams like Design, Quality assurance, Production and Marketing in partnership with the customers are involved in the product development process from the beginning, resulting in reducing costly tooling rework.

The service ensures:

  • Early involvement in product development
  • Arrive at joint understanding of customer-specific product & service needs
  • Bring industry-relevant technical skills to the OE’s
  • Reduce Cost
  • End to end solution

Vendor Manage Inventory (VMI):

Utilizing our robust supply chain, logistic capabilities and product delivery expertise, Tata precision tubes provides an exclusive service for the automotive OEM & ancillary customers establishing a mutual partnership through the VMI service model.

This model guarantees operational efficiency through

  • Optimizing the inventory level for production schedule
  • Better working capital management
  • Just In Time (JIT) Delivery
  • Zero production stoppage due to inventory shortage
  • Faster ordering process through web portals

Schematic Diagram of VMI Process Flow

The customer registers his details and requirements with us and we take full responsibility of maintaining the agreed upon inventory near the buyer’s consumption location.

Product application engineers (PAE):

Dedicated technical people teams based out of all four regions work towards continuous product development and addressing customer queries on manufacturing, quality issues & processes. Helping them resolve all technical issues faster.