Tubes Division of Tata Steel, India has over 50 years of Experience in Tube making. The division caters to 3 Major business Segments in Tubes Industry, Conveyance Tubes, Structural Tubes and Precision Tubes. The Precision tube plant of Tata Steel is equipped with State of the art facilities run by highly skilled and motivated work force.

Key units in Precision Tube Plant are:-

  • Tube rolling mills of various sizes.
  • Heat Treatment Furnace with bright annealing facility and automatic Temperature control.
  • Surface Treatment plant with PLC based process control.
  • Multidraw benches integrated with on-line chamfering & straightening machine.
  • State of the art Hydroforming facilities with Robotic material handling.
  • Advanced CNC bending and Cutting machines
  • Various testing facilities like Hydraulic Testing, on-line eddy current testing dimensional and visual inspection stations.
  • Cut-to-length lines, chamfering & end facing units, stenciling machines & stations for further value addition like specialized sea-worthy packing, end capping, red oxide coating etc.
  • Oiling and packing stations.

The input material for tube making in Precision Tubes is produced in the State-of-the-art hot strip mill, thin slab caster & cold rolling mill of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. Stringent process control in steel making shops help in production of clean steel with lowest level of impurities. The automatic gauge control features in the strip rolling mill ensure minimum variation in thickness of the steel coils.

The in-house testing facility is equipped with set-ups for testing and validation of various parameters starting from steel chemistry to mechanical properties of the tubes. The robust quality assurance system in the precision tube plant with on-line & offline inspection practices ensure rejection of non-confirming products if any, before the transfer of material to the finished good storage section. Some of the high end Precision tubes like Fork Tubes are passed through a fool-proof pre-dispatch inspection process, where every single tube is inspected for critical parameters before dispatch.

The Precision tube plant boast of its robust daily management process, which helps to identify opportunities for improvement in customer satisfaction through deep involvement of the operators and line managers and have established age-old processes to drive improvement at shop floor.