New Website Inaugrated

by Sourav Dutta | on May 04, 2013 | Comments (0)

The new Tata PT website was inaugurated on the 3rd of May, 2013, at the annual meeting of Tata Steel Tubes SBU. Mr. TV Narendran, Vice President – Flat and Safety Products, Tata Steel clicked on the launch button to unveil the stunning new website! The website is the face of Tata PT, and will aid in marketing and reaching out to a wider audience. The website opened to positive reviews, with people liking the simplicity and presentation of content.

Steam Tech 2013

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The Sixth National conference on the boiler and Steam systems was organized by Saket Projects on 21’st and 22’nd February 2013. The conference was themed at New Challenges and Opportunities faced by Boiler Industry.
Tata Steel also participated in this conference as a partner company and Mr Braj Bihari Prasad, Head Technology Services, Tata Tubes, gave a presentation on the best practices in the Boiler tube manufacturing and the key concerns and precautions for the same.
The Event saw participation from all major Boiler OEMs and equipment manufacturers in and around Ahmedabad and rest of Gujarat. There were over 530 Delegates who joined in the conference spread over 2 days.
Most of the speakers tried to focus on best practices, their past experiences in boiler operations, and ways and means to achieve better efficiency.
Mr B B Prasad, Head Technology Services, Tata Tubes spoke about TATA STEEL’s tube making facility. The presentation covered and touched upon points including the capacities, quality checks, testing procedures, certification process that TATA STEEL follows.
Head – Technical Services, Mr. B.B. Prasad delivering Keynote address at Steamtech 2013 at Ahmedabad

CII conference on Boiler Industry

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Opportunities and Challenges for Boiler Industry
CII Conference, the Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Dec. 14, 2012
The CII conference discussed the new trend in boiler industry (regarding production, boiler capacity, Govt. Regulations etc) and the challenges faced by boiler industry in FY13 and beyond. Tata Steel participated in the event as a sponsor.
Salient point of conference as below

  • India’s energy demand is forecast is very bright (India with 18% of world population uses just 1% of total energy consumption of world)
  • Majority of power capacity addition (1 lakh MW power generation required in next 5 years) will be through thermal power plants: very bright scope for boiler industry
  • IBR should allow “Third Party Inspection” for boiler related inspection works
  • The IBR regulations need to be align with ASME
  • Local boiler manufacturer should incorporate efficiency of Chinese firms in terms of movability and easier maintenance of boilers. For quick installation, modification, and maintenance the boiler should be supplied in a package like Chinese manufacturer.