Tubes SBU

A new dimension in steel tube technology opened up in India in the early 50’s – with the establishment of the Indian Tube Company (ITC), on 17th December 1954. It was the outcome of a joint venture between Tata Steel Ltd. and Stewarts & Lloyds of UK. In 1985, the Indian Tube Company merged with Tata Steel Ltd. to form Tata Steel -Tubes SBU (Strategic Business Unit). The Tubes SBU today is a leading manufacturer of welded pipes and tubes in the country with an annual production capacity of around 4,00,000 tonnes and expansion plans on the anvil.

Tata Steel – Tubes SBU, the largest domestic manufacturer of steel tubes in India, has been and independent Profit Centre of Tata Steel since August 1993. The SBU has its own marketing set up head-quartered at Kolkata, along with a network of sales offices across the country.

Tubes for all applications:
The three lines of business of Tubes SBU are:

  • Conveyance Tubes – For the Plumbing, Irrigation and Process segment, clubbed under the brand name of "Tata Pipes".
  • Structural Tubes ( – For the construction segment, clubbed under the brand name of “Tata Structura”
  • Precision Tubes ( – For the Auto, Boiler and Engineering segment under brand name of "Tata Precision"

Tata Steel – Tubes SBU is the only tube company in India, which has established these three lines of business and having a pan-India presence. We have a very comprehensive distribution and sales network across the country. Tubes SBU operates through two business models- B2B and B2C. The conveyance tubes business is predominantly B2C where more than 80% of the tubes are sold through the Distributor and Dealer network. For Tata Structura, it is a combination of both direct sales and sales through the business development partners. The Precision Tubes business is predominantly B2B and through direct marketing.