Precision Tubes


  • High precision tube rolling mill with fully automatic process control through PLC.
  • Eddy Current based online NDT integrated with tube rolling mill.
  • Solid State Welder for superior weld quality
  • High Precision ID bead trimming
  • Bright annealing furnace with online temperature control and monitoring
  • Well engineered surface treatment facility with process control based on “Recipe” concept.
  • Reactive oil drawing facility for controlled “Ra” value.
  • State of the art cold draw bench with online straightening and packaging facilities
  • Multiple draw facility integrated with online NDT.
  • Cold drawn line complete with 10 roll CNC straightener to give a high degree of tube straightness
  • High end cutting facility, with chamfering and taping facility
  • Online automated hexagonal packaging facility


  • ERW Range from 12.7 mm to 114.30 mm OD with thickness range of 1.00 mm to 6.20 mm
  • Cold Drawn tubes from 12.00 mm to 105.00 mm OD with thickness range of 1.0 mm to 6.00 mm
  • Capability to offer ERW/CEW tubes with closed tolerance on OD, thickness and other dimensional parameters
  • customized tube length as per customer specifications
  • High End Products
    • TFF with 1/5000 straightness
    • High strength Propeller Shaft in ERW and CDW
    • Steering Linkage, Steering column tubes
    • Handle Bar with electroplating quality.
    • Ribbed tubes
    • Cylindrical Bore Quality tubes for Shock Absorber application

Quality Standards/Testing

  • Online eddy current based NDT.
  • Weld Macro facility to ensure consistent weld quality
  • 100% hydraulic testing for boiler tubes
  • Drift and flattening test as per requirements
  • Online TC result recording
  • Automated Stencilling for boiler tubes
  • TS16949:2009 and IMS certified

Soft Features/Advantages/Benefits of being a partner of Tata Steel

  • In house R&D integrated with resources across the Tata Steel Group across the globe
  • In-house steel making, hot rolling and cold rolling facilities to provide wide range of steel grades
  • Warehouses and service centers across the country
  • Online Customer Complaint Handling Process (CCHP)
  • Inhouse design expertise for hydroforming component
  • Development of new grade of steel in line with customer specifications.